Who We Are

Asia Pacific’s Cybersecurity Market Hub brings together all customers with trusted cybersecurity partners to safeguard their critical data and intellectual property. Our Cyber Market Hub empowers all companies of all sizes to take-up cybersecurity services with a scale of options available.

We safeguard companies by connecting them with the world’s leading cybersecurity services. With competitive rates and high class delivery from our members, Cyber Market Hub will be able to fulfill any request with speed and accuracy.

Founder's Message

With Digital Transformation as the new frontier for all business, from Retail to Health Care to Manufacturing, the way we do business from Cloud to Mobile has to change.

The new normal is now very much the daily necessity of life, working remotely and with the expertise to have cybersecurity services provided globally and to utilize it in a safe manner is very much in need. This will keep our world, our lives and our businesses safe.

What sets us apart?






Full life-cycle management by our Ambassadors

  • Speed to respond to all customer request
  • Accuracy of proposals back to requestors
  • Competitive bids from our Members
  • Pulling Collaborative Members together
  • Quality delivery with our PMO expertise
  • Staying transparent throughout the journey